San Antonio Program

The Autism Treatment Center has a long-standing history of providing services to children
and adults with autism in the community.

Each person in our program follows an individualized, comprehensive learning program designed by a team of teachers, personal care assistants, administrators, various specialists/consultants, and the individual receiving services and their parent or guardian. 

This approach allows for small group settings (usually 1-3 students, and one-on-one student/teacher ratios when needed), a structured environment, on-going assessments,
parent training, year-around services, and an atmosphere of acceptance and motivation.


ATC’s San Antonio program consists of:

Residential Services

ATC owns and operates 6 group homes in the San Antonio area. Single family homes and duplexes located in area neighborhoods are matched with the individual's needs and capabilities. Staff members are Personal Care Assistants, teachers, and friends offering a warm and accepting environment. Activities in the home include learning how to be a contributing household member, meeting personal grooming needs, enjoying leisure activities and participating in community events.

To enhance teaching efforts, frequent outings are planned to grocery stores, malls, parks, restaurants and movies. Exercise and neighborhood interaction are also important elements of the program, which include activities such as taking walks, roller-skating, biking, picnicking and swimming. ATC's Residential Services are funded and licensed by Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services.

Educational Services

ATC's Zajicek Learning Center is a non public school accredited by Texas Education Agency (TEA). The Learning Center provides educational instruction to children ages 3-21 in classrooms specially designed to meet the needs of our students. Low student to teacher ratios are maintained to maximize the students participation and learning potential. All programming is developed to facilitate functional communication, increase self-help skills, and increase social/community skills. Individualized Education Plans are developed for each student. Students are assigned to groups in the classroom based on their strengths and skill level.

Teachers provide students with an atmosphere of acceptance and motivation, taking time to reward each accomplishment no matter how big or small. Weekly outings and community activities are extended as an opportunity to offer Natural Environment Training (NET) where students apply independent living skills while focusing on individualized education plans in a coordinating effort while in the community (the natural setting). ATC also supports school districts to further enhance their educational services for children with autism by offering in-home training sessions, classroom assessments, consultations, and training.

Adult Services

Heart to Home, ATC's adult services program, offers adults with
autism spectrum disorder the opportunity to utilize their strengths by participating in a variety of programs geared to heighten their interest and maintain necessary skills for gainful employment.

Horticulture, pottery, and piñata making activities promote independence, optimism, and confidence. Read more about
these specific programs.


Although there is currently no known cause or cure for autism,
an early diagnosis allows for early interventions which can be
beneficial for reducing the symptoms of autism. A proper diagnosis
is key to establishing the most effective treatment program. 

The diagnostic evaluation will utilize the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), a state of the art assessment protocol that evaluates areas of communication, reciprocal social interaction, play and stereotyped behaviors and restricted interests.

Click here to read our FAQs and learn more about the Diagnostic Program.


ATC Therapy Clinic provides autism-specific outpatient
therapy for children and adults. Therapy services include
occupational and speech.

Our expertise will ensure a warm and accepting therapeutic environment which will lead toward effective language, communication, social and coping skills for you or your child. 

Read more about services offered at ATC Therapy Clinic.

Community Awareness

ATC participates in several informative events each year in an effort to educate and create awareness about autism and the Autism Treatment Center. At events, such as Fiesta Especial – an official Fiesta event for children and adults with physical, cognitive and developmental

differences and their families, ATC will have a booth with staff available to answer questions and hand out information about services. Directors in the program are often invited to speak to community groups, universities, and other autism organizations.